Fresh Beats 365 reviews "Disguise"

Fresh Beats 365  reviews my band's debut single "Disguise." Big thanks to them. They've been wonderful supporters of my music so far. Read their review below.

"There’s no substitute for a strong debut, whether its a single or an album. That’s how we can tell that indie-pop outfit Labrose is set for big things. The duo has just released its first ever single, Disguise, and it’s a well-rounded sign of things to come.

The track is driven by a strong sense of melody that compensates for many of the gentle instrumental touches. The rhythm section, for example, is very light and airy and would likely hold up a track with less melodic power, which is due largely to the familiar vocalwork of Victor Perry. Alongside atmospheric synth fizzles that create a mist of musical tension in the background, these vocals set the scene and bring the light touches together into one cohesive track.

It’s a strong and flawless start, which puts the band in good stead for the future."




Victor Perry