Bill Smith reviews Neptunica's "Nighttime Baby" re-work

“Nighttime Baby” in its original version is a sparkling soulful ballad that appears on Victor Perry’s fine EP from last year 4 A.M. Nostalgia.  It’s no wonder at all that such a well-written song has got attention of others, and German production duo Neptunica has refashioned it as a downtempo club ballad without taking anything away from the original, and included it on their EP Trapical Movement.  DJ’s can make a perfect segue out of a busy set to allow folks to get close on the dance floor and let Victor’s high notes tantalize their ears.  What’s special about this redux is that it’s not riddled with special effects.  Neptunica seem to go by the KISS principle and as a result the song could find a whole new set of fans.  Give it a listen at the Spotify link above, but also check out Victor’s inspiring live-off-the-floor performance of it from last year below.

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