Fresh Beats 365 reviews "Sail"

The blurring of genres is a beautiful thing. Individual scenes tend to specific types of people that generally don’t like to venture too far beyond their comfort zone, but when their scene merges with another it creates a beautiful opportunity for experimentalism. Just like emo kids found when Deadmau5 collaborated with Gerard Way, or how folk-pop afficionados held a soft spot briefly for Avicii.

Likewise, Levi and Victor Perry have teamed up to win over fans of gentle acoustic with latest single Sail. The deep house track has all the hallmarks of the scene, from pulsing rhythms to sweeping sounds. Yet the thing that blurs the line just enough is the light guitar melody that enters the mix at various points throughout the track. While initially it seems like it is only added to create more sonic textures, give it time and it begins to lead the melody and song itself.

It’s a small inclusion, but one that makes all the difference.

Victor Perry