MyFizzyPop reviews "Nostalgia (Ryan Lee Remix)"

I fell hard for glorious vocal tones of Victor Perry when he teamed up with Saxity for an innovative take on the festive standard, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (one of my top ten Christmas songs of 2016 - see here). Since then, I've spent significant time spinning his non-seasonal offerings. One of these, Nostalgia, is a tasty groove that I can't get out of my head. It is a song that explores the inner turmoil we feel when a love affair comes to an end. "It's hard to imagine a you without me" sings Victor with an aching desolation that tugs at every heart string. His vocal gift is infusing each word with nuanced emotion, making this a living work of art. As he sings the chorus, he salves his hurt in memories of the past - giving the listener hope that looking back will make moving forward easier. Victor guides the mellifluous melody with soulful, expressive singing. It is entirely mesmerising and magnificently edifying.

The vibrant remix by Ryan Lee demonstrates his intimate understanding of the narrative of the song, complementing Mr Perry's performance beautifully. Ryan starts the music with tribal chimes and intoxicating synth riffs that swirl alongside Victor's vocal. He textures this wall of sound as the song progresses, mirroring the intensity of the sentiments at play. When the dramatic drums herald the start of the second verse, ushering in a percussive groove, it is a musical monent that makes your jaw drop. It is thoroughly spine tingling, a euphoric addition that leaves you breathless and giddy for more. Everything comes together exquisitely, making this the exact song you need to wash away the winter blues and embrace the possibilities of spring. Heavenly.


Victor Perry