Bill Smith reviews "Rainbows (The Wookie's Remix)"

"It started in the 90’s with ballads that were transformed into dance anthems such as Toni Braxton’s “Un-break My Heart” and Whitney Houston’s “My Love Is Your Love”, so the tradition continues with Victor Perry’s totally gorgeous “Rainbows”.  The song is riding high on the BILLCS Top 30 at #13, and while the song stands well enough on its own, The Wookie’s remix is incredibly complimentary and can bring it to the attention of an entirely different audience.  Victor’s voice is perfectly suited to the dance genre and can keep his own favourite singers great company there as a result.  This remix is so inspiring and people will ask about it, and club DJ’s will have no problem fitting it into any uptempo set.  I had a bit of a hand in this one – I merely introduced the two artists, who then ran off and did something better than I could ever have imagined and it makes me love the song even more!  Bravo and three thumbs up."

Victor Perry