My Festive Fizzy Pop reviews SAXITY collaboration "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

"By providing the bridge over the gap between live instruments and DJ technology, amazing music duo, Saxity, have opened up a whole new world of sound. Their single Brothers is still a regular go to, bro to song for whenever I need a pick me up so I'm delighted that they've now embraced the merry and bright days of Christmas on dazzling new song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Teaming up with engaging vocalist Victor Perry, they have transformed the Judy Garland classic into a brand new dance anthem for the ages. The original is a reflective rumination and hopeful wish - it is the latter sentiment that Saxity enhance through glorious piano riffs, handclap rhythms, trance dance beats and saxophone ecstasy. Victor is swathed in this inveigling wall of sound and uses it to take the well known lyrics and melody to euphoric new heights. It all coalesces to craft a compelling new take on an old favorite - as if Saxity have taken the song back to the blueprints and rebuilt it letting summer climes infuse the wintry architecture. Works for me - we need a little sunshine and it means this will sound glorious all the live long year. From now on our troubles will be miles away! Thanks Saxity - long may you reign supreme."

Victor Perry