Fresh Beats 365 reviews "Nostalgia"

"R&B has arguably become too complicated for its own good. While core sounds haven’t changed in the past couple of decades, over time it’s become a breeding ground for layers upon layers of intricate instrumentation that detracts from the sentiment. Sometimes, all that is really necessary is a good vocal and a minimalistic musical accompaniment. Like in Victor Perry‘s latest single, Nostalgia, for example.

The single doesn’t do too much of striking brilliance in terms of lyrics — consisting mostly of repetitions — or instrumentation. Where this might usually sit as a criticism, it’s nothing but a selling point for Perry. The tender instrumentation is served up by little more than a piano, with the occasional flourish of strings and drums to aid progression. This minimalism is designed as nothing but a framework for Perry’s vocals, which bring perfect melodies and pitches to a smooth Bruno Mars-esque quality. It is testament to his vocal prowess that he can layer his voice numerous times throughout the track for harmony and never once does it feel like it’s overkill or too much Victor.

Rarely will you find a male vocalist with the range or power as Perry. In the run up to his new EP 4AM Nostalgia, no single could be a better sonic snapshot than this."

Victor Perry