DJ Mishka reviews "Rainbows (Zewmøb Remix)"

"I like what is happening with pop music and a pleasant surprise that sometimes takes the form R'n'B or Indie Pop, and even more pleasing to the producers that make this new music accessible to club dancefloors and accordingly a new audience. The original track is a producer from Atlanta by Victor Perry - Rainbows I really like, but, alas, is beyond the format of the places where I used to play, but thanks to the efforts of the duo  zewmøb I had a great opportunity to use this song to their sets.

Actually zewmøb developed the idea of the final part of the original track and built a great synthpop-retroveyv on bits more suitable commercial deep house or tropical house, and I have no doubt that our hipsters will heat remix and tonight at Victor Perry will present the hottest dance."

Victor Perry