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In this interview we chat with Georgia native, alternative pop/r&b singer and songwriter Victor Perry. We discuss the new project, influences, and struggles of being an indie musician in a digital world.

Let’s dive a little deeper into You, the artist and your music. What attracted you to this genre(s) or style(s)?

I think what I love most about alternative indie-pop music is the emphasis on the vocal followed closely by lyricism/emotion. At the root of this style of music those two things are vital. I’m also drawn to the fact that there seemingly isn’t a formula for alternative music. If I just wanted to loop a hook over a 3 min. guitar riff with light ambient drums, I could do so and capture an emotion that resonates with listeners. I could also sing a song without a hook and have a 4 min. song with nothing but verses that have an arc; a storyline that hits right at home for a listener. I like that freedom.

How long have you been creating and sharing your music with the public?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been pretty public with my ‘voice.’ I grew up in the church singing Gospel music and my parents are both well-trained musicians. I didn’t however consider myself as an artist. It was in college where I began to cultivate the art of songwriting. I wrote my first song “Found My Way’ late 2012 and released it in August of 2013. Ever since, that is what I’ve been doing – working on my music. I recently released my debut EP – 4 A.M. Nostalgia which can be found on every major digital distributor and on my Soundcloud page for all my Soundcloud lovers!

Who or what influences your playing and/or writing? Also, what motivates you to keep going?

I’m influenced by a lot of great artists: Mikky Ekko, Coldplay, Rihanna, Angus and Julia, and Adele. I love that they are fearless and bold with whatever ‘subject’ they choose to talk about in their music. They are unapologetic. I want my music to be a representation of that as well.

I think what keeps any artist motivated is actually releasing their music. For me, it took me a few years to finish ‘4 A.M. Nostalgia.’ I had a lot of setbacks and at times I wanted to just quit. But nothing beats the feeling of finally finishing your music and releasing it.

Were you trying to accomplish anything specific on this new project? Creatively or otherwise?

I just wanted to create good music and music that makes you feel. I began songwriting out of having to deal with my own thoughts. I would write in my journal. It was a real form of therapy for me. So if anything, that’s my goal. Keep everything as authentic as possible and moving my listeners towards emotions that are relevant to their own lives.

hat was the last song you listened to?

Talos has this amazing record called “In Time.” I’ve had it on repeat a lot lately. It speaks to me.

Which do you prefer? Vinyl? CDs? MP3s?

It’s something about having a ‘physical’ in your hands. You can feel the product. I will never tire of CD’s and Vinyl.

How about this one…. Do you prefer Spotify? Apple Music? Bandcamp? Or something else? Why?

I love both Spotify and Apple Music. Streaming is the future. Both offer this instant gratification like crave for me. I can hear a song in a store or on the radio and instantly find it on those platforms and add it to my library of music. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Other than the digital era overwhelming us with access to an abundance of music, what are one or two of the biggest challenges you face when trying to attract listeners to your music?

Great question. I think it’s just finding a targeted fan base that loves the style of music I make. So many people expect one thing but I give them another. That’s the biggest challenge.

Do you gig, tour or perform? Do you ever live stream? Where can music lovers see you live?

I want to begin to gig/tour. I’ve performed all my life and if I’m back home, you’ll catch me singing at church. But plans are to move to NYC. So look out for me there!

Any last thoughts? Shout outs? Words of wisdom?

The one thing I learned the most out of the entire process of creating my debut EP – “4 A.M. Nostalgia’ is that it will never truly be perfect. As artists we’ve got to learn that we grow with time. We mature from our blemishes that are often unnoticed by others. It’s the next project and the project after that where we can use those skills and critiques to better ourselves and move one step closer towards the perfection we seek!

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